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If something is not defined here, you have the liberty to ask for a definition.

Word/Term Description
AFK Away from Keyboard. Does not restrict usage of chat
AFM Away from Mouse
AFK Taunt A looping taunt that does not change your actual location
Freehit When a BLU hits a non-rebelling RED without a valid reason. Non-damaging weapons, such as Jarate, Mad Milk etc., also count
Freekill When a BLU kills a non-rebelling RED without a valid reason
Baiting When a BLU enters a non-rebelling RED's melee range
KoS Kill on Sight
Rebel A RED player that is going against Warden's orders
Bomb Rush Go to somewhere without delays
Day An activity that lasts the entire round, unless, if possible, cancelled by the Warden or the existance of one
LR Last Request
DR Death Request. Sometimes referred to as "Death Wish" and, even more rarely, shortened as "DW"
Freeday (Day) The days has no orders and Warden may not be taken
Freeday (Player) Orders do not apply to this player
Ghosting Revealing any information about another player
Pardon Forgiving a RED of his rebelling activities/not following orders


Name Description
Cell Wars Fighting with other REDs inside of cells. Is sometimes extended to the "cell area" (up to the Warden to specify, but is often already obvious)
Line Wars Fighting with other REDs on a specified line
Floor is Lava Being on the floor counts as KoS. Often shortened to simply "Lava"
Out/Inside [of] Cell rebel Being outside/inside of cells counts as rebelling
RPS Doing Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt [with someone]

General rules

These rules apply for everybody in-game.

  1. Use of common sense when interpreting the rules is advised (e.g. if you're good at Obby and Warden says "do Obby for LR", please refrain from referring to the Warden rules and say it's a no effort order, even if it is "correct" nobody will care and you'll only make people dislike you).
    • As staff have the liberty to define what rules mean, always ask yourself "Will I be breaking the rules?" before doing something questionable.
  2. The priority of Orders goes as follows: LR > Days > New Orders > Old Orders.
  3. When a Warden dies all orders are cancelled and the day becomes a freeday, unless a new Warden takes charge.
  4. If the Cell Doors open before Warden gives any orders, the day is considered a freeday.
    • If the cell doors open and you leave your cell, before the warden is automatically chosen (5 seconds after round start) then this is automatically invalid, and you are KOS.
  5. Winning RPS against an opposite team player does not make the winner a Freekiller or a Rebeller.
  6. Exploiting map glitches is not allowed.
  7. Speaking over Warden is not allowed.
  8. Ghosting while dead is not allowed.
  9. Impersonating Warden is not allowed.
  10. Camping the Armory is not allowed.
  11. Camping the Medic room is not allowed. For REDs this only applies if the exit of the Medic room itself is not being camped by BLUs (e.g. a BLU is above the entrance).
  12. Spreading misinformation about the rules is not allowed.
  13. Being in an unreachable place is not allowed.

RED rules

All of these apply individually.


  1. You may hit BLUs who are baiting. Killing them does not count as rebelling. Chasing BLUs further does not count for baiting.
  2. Taunt Killing a BLU makes you a rebeller.
  3. Disobeying Warden's orders makes you a rebeller.
  4. Leaving the cells before cell Doors open and warden is chosen makes you a rebeller.
  5. Acquiring ammo makes you a rebeller.
  6. Delaying in the form of taking a big roundabout route makes you a rebeller (e.g. Going opposite direction of a mini-game or climbing structures that are not enroute to your destination).
  7. After asking for a repeat you must AFK and AFM immediately until the repeat is finished.
  8. Orders and Baiting do not apply to you when you're eligible fro LR.
  9. By default there is only 1 repeat given per order.


  1. As a rebeller you're marked KoS.
  2. You may not delay.
  3. You must be actively rebelling. Actively rebelling is defined as trying to kill the BLUs, so wasting time on triggering everything on the map to make the round uplayable counts as delaying.
  4. After killing a BLU or acquiring ammo you cannot be pardoned.
  5. Killing the Warden whilst he's in the process of giving a Last Request is not allowed.


  1. You may not block pathways or doors.
  2. You may not block BLUs.
  3. You may not push buttons (including door buttons).
  4. You may not trigger map events.
  5. You may not hit breakables.
  6. You may not particpate in RED activities.
  7. You may not group with REDs.
  8. You may not receive a Death Request.
  9. Once you acquire ammo you are automatically KoS
  10. While you're in a BLU area (e.g. BLU side Deathrun), the Warden may order you to leave.

Last Request rules

  1. If a request is asking the Warden or someone else to say something, they may choose to ignore it.
  2. Upon receiving LR you have 1 minute to pick your LR.
  3. Giving yourself or others freeday through Custom LR is not allowed.
  4. Requesting for admin abuse through Custom LR is not allowed.
  5. Absurd LRs like "All REDs must go to armoury" or "All BLUs must kill all REDs" are not allowed.

BLU rules

  1. You must have a microphone.
    • Your microphone must be of good enough quality so other people can understand what you're saying.
  2. You must be willing to be Warden.
  3. Favouritism is not allowed.
  4. Freehitting is not allowed.
  5. Freekilling is not allowed.
  6. If a player is wasting time (delaying), you're allowed to kill them.

Guard rules

  1. Guards must protect and accompany the Warden at all times, unless ordered otherwise.
    • A player marked KoS is an considered an automatic threat to the Warden.
  2. Disobeying Warden is not allowed.
  3. Freely roaming around the map wihtout Warden's permission is not allowed.
  4. Activating mini-games without Warden's permission is not allowed.
  5. Interacting with mini-games without Warden's permission is not allowed.
  6. Opening doors which contain REDs without Warden's permission is not allowed.
  7. Sticky trapping RED areas without Warden's permission is not allowed.
    • However the Cells, Cell Doors, Medic room (wihout a rebeller) or Armory may never have sticky traps.
  8. Giving orders or repeats to REDs is not allowed.

Warden rules

  1. Regarding all orders/acitivities/days:
    • 1.1 Orders, acitivities and days may not contradict rules.
    • 1.2 Orders have to be clear.
      • This also includes speed-talking or mumbling to the point where nobody can understand you.
    • 1.3 Undefined activities/days have to be defined clearly.
    • 1.4 Orders may not be low effort [to do] (e.g. "Jump for LR"), unless there's 1 RED alive.
    • 1.5 Orders must be given before Cell Doors open. Failing to do so and forcing Freedays via this means is not allowed.
  2. Regarding banned orders:
    • 2.1 Unfair orders are not allowed.
    • 2.2 You may not restrict players from typing in chat through an order.
    • 2.3 Orders that continuously do the same activity for the entire round are not allowed, unless LR.
      • However activities like playing Bowling and eliminating the worst performing players do not fall under this rule.
    • 2.4 Orders that force Baiting are not allowed.
    • 2.5 Orders that force REDs into becoming rebellers are not allowed.
    • 2.6 Orders that sexualize or humiliate any player are not allowed.
    • 2.7 Orders that punish multiple people for the mistake of one are not allowed, unless it's a team effort.
  3. Regarding banned acitivities/days:
    • 3.1 Days that don't make sense or bypass Warden rule 2.3 are not allowed (e.g. Cell Wars day).
    • 3.2 Days that create unfair conditions are not allowed (e.g. doing something like "Bad luck day" then giving REDs "bad luck").
    • 3.3 Combining multiple activities into a single day is not allowed (e.g. combining "Out of Cell rebel" and "Floor is Lava" into one day then giving orders like "Lava day is over" then killing people who stepped on the ground).
    • 3.5 Making all REDs fight in an area is not allowed, unless there's less than 4 REDs.
  4. Modifying mini-games to create an unfair environment for the REDs is not allowed (e.g. shooting rockets or stickies down on REDs while they're doing Obby to create "difficulty").
  5. Regarding Friendly Fire activities:
    • 5.1 Activities that require Friendly Fire may only be done every 3 rounds, unless LR.
    • 5.2 Friendly Fire activities require REDs to be fully healed.
  6. Toggling Friendly Fire without warning is not allowed.
  7. Toggling Collision without warning is not allowed.
  8. When there's only 1 non-rebelling RED left, and if they've completed at least one activity or mini-game, you must give them LR.
  9. When an LR is chosen and there's only 1 RED left, you must give them a DR.

Death Request rules

  1. A Death Request can last up to only 2 minutes.
  2. During a Death Request BLUs are not allowed to disobey the request in any way, this includes, but isn't limited to suiciding, fighting back, not following the request etc.
  3. No detours or delays automatically applies to Death Requests.